Bringing Rob Mattoch in to help me get my restaurant off the ground was the best decision I made. As a new restaurant owner trying to develop a never been done before concept, I was faced with many obstacles. I leaned on Rob to help develop the concept, create my menu and train my staff and I was rewarded for doing so. Rob assembled a menu for me that was perfectly crafted to fit what I wanted the restaurant to be. I have been very happy with the choices he made and have been thrilled to receive rave reviews from customers about the food we serve.

I was additionally impressed with Rob’s ability to train my staff. I opened my restaurant with a staff of 20, many of whom lacked restaurant experience. Rob juggled training both my kitchen staff and my front of the house staff with much success. The staff enjoyed learning from him and that enjoyment led to a positive workplace environment going into the opening. When we did open, I found everyone to be well trained from day one. I am very happy with where my restaurant is today and I owe a lot of that to Rob Mattoch.

Matt Egermayer, Lighthouse Pizza


I attended culinary school about a decade ago and have always loved to cook. Cooking is one of my greatest passions and favorite hobbies. After culinary school I spent some time working in restaurants but quickly realized it wasn’t for me. When I decided to open a wine bar, I knew that my decade old culinary experience and very little time spent in professional kitchens wasn’t enough to be as successful as I want to be. I was lucky enough to meet Rob at my first Colorado Restaurant Association event just when I was considering bringing on a consultant. The timing and the fit couldn’t have been better. Rob helped me immensely by bringing his real world practicality and extensive experience to my menu and, eventually, into my kitchen. Rob was able to help me with pricing, costing and planning. Once we were ready to open, Rob was invaluable in helping me set up my prep line behind the bar and get our first days launched. Now, three months after opening, he returns every so often to check in and help take us to the next level. He just recently took us through our first inventory. Could I have done this without Rob? Yes but not nearly as well.

Nicole Sullivan, bookbar