Chef Rob Mattoch has a proven ability to make restaurants run as efficiently and profitably as possible while remaining true to the vision of their owners. Whether you are opening a new restaurant, revamping an existing one, or just need to streamline your operation, Rob can help.

  • interior_chantrells

Custom Recipe and Menu Development

Rob’s menus are grounded in your tastes and ideas, and are designed to work well with your kitchen setup. He focuses on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible while always making sure each dish is profitable and tastes wonderful.

  • Menu Pricing
  • Gluten-Free Menus
  • Local and Sustainable Product Integration

Kitchen Setup and Layout Consulting

Your kitchen represents a tremendous investment, and it is important to design it to serve the needs of your menu while offering maximum efficiency in terms of your budget and workflow. Rob has saved clients tens of thousands of dollars with hoodless kitchen designs

  • Hoodless Kitchen Design

Staff Training and Evaluation

Even minor adjustments can put a tremendous strain on your kitchen and front-of-house staff. Rob is experienced in evaluating existing methods for streamlining and also in training all staff for a smooth transition during a restaurant upgrade or re-launch. He can also stay on after the transition to make sure everything works as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  • Serve Safe Training and Proctoring
  • Kitchen and Staff Auditing
  • Kitchen and Staff Training
  • Custom Management Tool Development

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